Present moment, peaceful moment..

A distant goal at times..

Overactive mind

Conflicted heart

Stressed body.

Regaining sovereignty over ourselves.

This is what meditation is all about.

Find your center, keep your focus, stay in the now.

Meditation is simple, yet it is a skill.

I will guide you gently through the steps towards the gold:

A clear mind

Creatives surges

The skills to keep your Center when life threatens to throw you overboard.

Together we will practice Sitting and Walking Meditation

and learn about this amazing mind of ours and how to use it in our best interest !



A Japanese contemplative Art, Miksang translates  as clear vision.

It is a wonderful way to develop Presence and Awareness  in your everyday life.

It supports any spiritual practice and .. put your phone to good use !

You want to develop Presence and Awareness ?

You want to make beautiful Zen pictures??

Come along , Beauty is all around you!..